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Spotlight on John Adams – A Very Live Gig

Written by on 27/08/2018

John Adams

Bishop Auckland Food Festival
Sunday 22nd April


How I found John Adams? Musical talent is a rare thing but not if you live in the North East of England it seems. I Headed out to the local Food Festival in Bishop Auckland to sample some of the best food and wines. To my surprise I heard some live music coming from a small marque at the centre of the Food Event. It was John Adams and two of his friends gigging. Usually I walk on by but the music was captivating. I listened more and very soon a crowd of people had also joined me.

Reaction to the performance

[bctt tweet=”John Adams was a natural crowd pleaser, an entertainer, singer and song writer.” username=”Darlo_Radio”] He soon engaged everyone with singalongs to his own songs! Priming the listeners with the chorus he sang the verses and everyone else joined in on the chorus. Amazing to watch and be a part of.

Only a true stage presence with confidence in their ability can turn up at a food festival and instantly engage and entertain a crowd of people who did not know him or his music.

Album – You Never Know Who’s Listening

John Adams was quick to point out that he has an album out called ‘You Never Know Who’s Listening’.

John Adams You Never Know Whos Listening Album Cover

Buy Now! Only [amazon_link asins=’B079Q5N81R’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’stockto-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’fcda176c-b119-11e8-92f0-e92a35fd384b’]
He continued to sing a number of songs from it including the amazing ‘Dandelion Wishes’ which was well received. Managed to find a YouTube clip.

I did smile when I heard the track ‘The Pavement Is My Stage’ as it was literally where I and many others found him.
This was a great song on a truly well crafted album. The lyrics were engaging and the melodies not easily forgotten.

Directed towards a cardboard box I instantly bought his album with probably the best title ever, which you can buy from here (there are song samples on this link to hear more).

What did I think?

It was one of those days when you are expecting one thing, food in this case, but discover a hidden gem, John Adams.

Listening to his live performance and his album, he can sing and write great songs. Listening I am reminded of ‘David Gray’ and ‘White Ladder’.
The songs are clearly heart felt and ‘Dandelion Wishes’ in particular was the standout track on his album. I felt it was truly an amazing song giving an insight into the soul of a true artist.

Many of today’s bigger artists should probably put the Food Festival on their touring schedule as it is open bare and only real talent would survive it.

Want To See and Hear Amazing Talent?

Are you like me? Do you love live music and constantly want to hear the newest and best artists at work? If so John Adams is a great find. I think we owe it to ourselves to buy his work and support not only John but every talented person out there. Sometimes you just bump into them on the pavement, right John.

I was listening and for one was glad I did. Lots more to come from this artist I feel.

Good luck John, keep on creating we are listening.
More from John on his website

Now you know, what do you think of John Adams. Leave comments below.

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